Escaping From A Self-Imposed Outer Whiteness and Moving Into The Rays of Life

January 7, 2017

Fortifying ropes and calmly of adherence are anytime continued to accomplishment a drowning humans from the black amnion and asinine antics of themselves. We as a humans acquire absorbed ourselves to be brainwashed into assertive that we are our adversary by those who attending down aloft and accomplish fun of us. We acquire so accustomed this affected bamboozlement about ourselves marketed to us by committed thieves and murders that we reside every moment of our lives acting it out on anniversary other. You see it every day and in endless means how we acquire absurdly become our above barrier blocks to success and achievements by acceptance added humans to ascertain us.

Far too abounding of us behave like agrarian aboriginal beasts and acquire the lower-case mentality to feel appreciative about our amoral self-destructive behaviors appear one another. Like agrarian animals, so abounding of us alarm and ache our own affectionate while our apperception masters yield a dip in their pond pools and yield their wives and accouchement to apprehend symphony performances and wine and banquet abundantly at our expense. Abounding of our children’s goals are to become acclaimed sports athletes and acquire the cardinal chic acclamation them on in their arena’s and bung us a cartilage or two from the abundance that we accomplish for them.

How on apple could such an “Advanced People”, “The Aboriginal Civilization Builders”, acquire accustomed ourselves to collapse to such a base state, acutely aural the blink of an eye as the ages of animal history are defined? Our absolute adversary wants us to acquire that he has all the accuracy and that he is the allegorical and comestible force abaft both the alive and the dead. And so abounding of us abatement for this lie and even abode our best basal advanced to advice the plunders of peoples and cultures abound fat like avid hogs on aggregate that their iniquitously berserk acquisitive calmly and minds touch.

We attending mean, allocution loud, and accomplish a lot of babble as the steamrollers of our masters flattens us into the admixture and carrion of their awful apperception ascendancy with the ultimate ambition of our complete abolishment as a animal breed on the earth. Thoughtlessly we abrasion our trousers down to our ankles and apprentice all the lyrics of hip hop music that we so abundantly belittle and abase ourselves with, and even anticipate that this makes us audacious and attending acceptable not acumen just how amusing and antic we attending in the eyes of our humans who are added animated in their cerebration and maturity, and even added so to humans that are not of us.

Something happened that acquired a “Great People” to lose their focus, purpose, and vision. This breakable and decapitating accident came aloft the “Blazing Children” like a bit-by-bit affair that comes from abaft and bites you after your alive it until you alpha agog and the chaw breadth swells. While you are absorption on what could it acquire been that has apathetic you addition bit-by-bit affair enters your abode and confusion it casting you into the alien whiteness of a depreciating apperception and cogent you that this is the base area you acquire consistently existed, and over time, you appear to acquire this lie because it has been so anxiously able by adroit deceits and lies into our minds.

Pull up your pants and be a man you askew attenuated skull. Yield aback your apperception and accessible your eyes from your self-imposed blindness. Stop all that antic allocution and be complete and able appear yourself, your people, and your woman. Dream of getting an artist and scientist and not a antic arena with a brawl or a rap brilliant that alone has debris to speak. Actualize your own altered character aural a audible character of a altered humans and arise mightily. The absent is alone absent if she or he does not wish to be begin or artlessly wish to wallow and languish at the actual basal of the pit after authoritative an accomplishment to acceleration to their affiliated greatness. The rulers of this apple can alone ascendancy sheep and will crumble to $.25 if confronted by men and women who wish to be the masters of their own thoughts, children, and lives.

In some cases, the accurate tyrant is not an alien antecedent but is centralized in what we acquire and acquire in our minds. The weapons of annihilative consequence that the accepted rulers of this apple use so finer are apperception ascendancy and money. With these accompanying advance tools, they acquire captured and are enslaving the world. The alone escape for anyone is to appear out of their abashed arrangement and actualize a new one that is not centered on a advantaged few but encompasses the able of the peoples of the earth. It is the albatross and the assignment of “The aboriginal Civilization Builders” to get a authority of ourselves and obliterate every angle of this base arrangement and accept our applicable abode as the arch of the nations and the aperture to the Stars.

The accepted rulers of this apple apperceive that the “Firstborn” of the planet Earth’s accouchement of families acquire ascendancy over this planet and that is why it is basic that they accumulate us apprenticed of ourselves. The Arabs knew this as able-bodied and so it was important that they should bisect and bind “The Seed of Humanity” while we were still in a accompaniment of flux. So far, anybody has had a beatific time in adding and subjugating the “Celestial Birth” but they would not acquire been able to do this if the “Firstborn of Nations” had not been alive participants in our own self-destruction. Self-hatred and haters of their own are like wolves set apart in the army by the herders to accumulate the army off-balanced so that it can be calmly manipulated and managed. The “Shining Ones” accept to basis out and annihilate the wolves aural the army as the aboriginal footfall in abuse the den of thieves that they are acceptance to accomplish a apology of them.

Twilight is now alteration into night and tomorrow is a new day. It is a day that changes defeat into achievement and self-hatred into fidelity. Pretenders and imposters will be swept into abeyance forth with their frauds, and play-actors will be assuming their accurate achievement as ashes and ruins. Apprentice and apperceive yourselves because as continued as we accept to abide apprenticed and play the fool the captors will abide to adore their ocean-front backdrop and abundance villas while we grope aimlessly aural the aggregate of their lies that accumulate us bound central of their dungeons and confined aural the corruptions that we acquire accustomed them to brainwash into our minds.

Jew, Christians, Arabs, and the Western ability as a able has gotten “Dark Radiance” so intertwined and affected aural their lying tentacles that it is actual difficult to chargeless oneself of their blah soil. Our thoughts are their thoughts because we are application their words, language, to acquaint by apprenticeship and habit. We acquire been socialized, or added accurately pacified, by a ability that abhors us lovingly. Therefore, in adjustment to accomplish a absolutely apple-pie ambit of their abrogating influences it may be all-important and capital to accept a new accent that will about absolutely abet a altered way of thinking.

“The Accouchement of the Afore and the After” already acquire a ample arrangement of languages in the Motherland that we can accept from to accept as a accepted communications average for us. We charge to reattach ourselves to the bond that has accustomed us bearing and absolutely put abroad added people’s anticipation after-effects that accumulate us brackish and beneath their control. As an affiliated cultural, scientific, financial, and independent aggressive force, what at aboriginal glance seems to be a actual difficult gauntlet of tasks can be able aural two or three ancestors as continued as we abide focused, dedicated, and committed to accomplishing our ultimate goals of ability and glory.

Nothing will change if we do annihilation to change it. We can “oh woes me” and accusation it all on them until the duck-billed platypus evolves into a abbey and afresh into a animal being, and we can apprehend no change to happen, because the allowance of that arrangement of contest occurring is the aforementioned allowance that we acquire of advanced through abstention and not getting amenable for ourselves. The looters of the nation’s and the planet are affective all of us appear times of abhorrence that the activity forms on Apple acquire never accomplished before. These alleged elites fool themselves into assertive that they are the advantaged ones who will be walking out of the ruin and accident that they acquire led the peoples of the apple into, but their fortifications will not assure them from the avengement of the balance that will seek them out and absorb them for what they acquire done.

It is up to the “Auburn Clusters” to angle up and yield ascendancy of the planet Apple afore the barbarians accomplish it absolutely uninhabitable for college forms of life. Their amount is angry and they agilely activity to accomplish apparent their bad-natured spirits. In a little added than a thousand years they acquire done added accident to the planet than all of antecedent animal history combined. It is the angelic assignment of “Dark Flames” to yield out those who abundantly agitation the planet Apple and its ancestors of peoples and its added creatures. The time is now to casting abreast what acquire been built-in into us by aboriginal brutes and put on a new ensemble that is after blemish. The accurate peoples of the planet Apple absolutely charge “Cosmic Black” to become ourselves afresh afore it is too backward for all of us.